As you already would know, a Direct Booking Website is not different as other website in the market, the only different is the Goal that this website have. This goal is not more than get to your Possible Guest to Book directly with your Short Term Rental (STR) without going to an Online Travel Agency where you need to pay for a commission. 

To begin with your website or with anything related to your Hospitality business, you need to know that you need to create a brand with logos, colors and font, this will help you to have a consisting design in your post, website, and anything related with your Online Presence. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a market or professional designer, there is a lot of free application that can help you with this.  I would like to recommend you for me is one of the most completed application that is free and give you a lot of option to work with your brand and when you have everything clear and decide it, give you a brandboard of your brand. 

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STR = Short Term Rental, term very popular in UK 

OTA’s = Online Travel Agency

Brandboard = a resume of your Brand as colors, logos, font

SEO = Search Engineer Organic, a free way to search

PMS = Property Managment Service

direct booking website

After we know what are the things that represent our business, we’re going to create our direct booking website, you’ll need the following:

  1. Hosting and domain: Choose a reliable hosting provider that offers a domain name for your website. Consider factors such as price, email services, storage space, and security. SiteGround is a recommended option due to its excellent customer service, website optimization, and frequent offers. Their WordPress StartUp hosting plan costs $14. It’s an incredible plan for your property if you’re not needing to have more than one website in your hosting. 
  2. Content Management System (CMS): Select a CMS that suits your needs. Popular options include WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and PrestaShop. WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide, offering customization options, ease of use, and improved organic positioning (SEO) for your content.

    1. Determine your website content: For a successful direct booking website, experts suggest including the following pages:

    • Home page: Introduce your property, highlight its unique features, and explain why booking directly is advantageous. Build trust by showcasing guest reviews and providing clean, high-quality photographs. Address common guest questions through an FAQ section.

    • Property page: Display information about your properties, including amenities, check-in/check-out details, rules, and pet policies.

    • Things to do or Nearby page: Provide guests with information about nearby attractions, dining options, and activities to enhance their experience. Put yourself in their shoes and recommend places worth visiting within a reasonable distance from your property.

    • Contact page: Offer contact details for guests to reach out with inquiries or reservation issues. You can include phone numbers, email addresses, a contact form, and a map displaying your property’s approximate location.

    1. Reservation system: Implement a reliable reservation system such as FreetoBook or a Property Management Software (PMS) like Hostfully, Guesty, or OwnerRez. These systems streamline the booking process and help manage reservations efficiently. If you prefer not to invest in such software initially, you can create an automated reservation system using a CRM with email marketing and a Google Calendar.  To this last, you need to understand the guest journey thoroughly to set up effective email sequences and automated reservation. 

Direct Booking Website, PMS

  1. Focus on website positioning: Implement strategies to improve your website’s visibility so that potential guests can find you. Additionally, develop a marketing strategy to drive reservations through other platforms. As Mark Simpson said in his book The Book Direct Playbook”You need to be everywhere”

And for least but not less important is to consider your capabilities, available time, and budget when deciding whether to create the website yourself or hire someone for the job.

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